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Modified RUnnabout :: Dunabe Class

Postby Amanda » Thu Jul 31, 2014 7:52 pm

This is based off the Dunabe class runnabout. Since it had a modular design for the cargo hauling, Science Module.

Command Pod::
has it's own transporter, Warp-5 Capibilities which is pretty much the standard speed most ships travel at. plus it own defensive weapons

Cargo module slot::
The concept is easy and to install. Science module works the best for turning into a surgical suite cause of the Bio/Chem-Containment field already built in to have a germ free area to work in.

Warp Sled/ Stern Mission Room::
The 4 beds that are installed in back of the Dunabe can be converted into Bio-beds. Just add the Med-Scanners. Which enhances the increase usability of the Runnabout as the beds can still be used for general usage during trips. Flick a switch and turn it into Bio-bed by turning on the medical scanners

This Runnabout concept was developed for those planets that have a natural inhibitor to transporters beams. In supports of Ground Operation / Humanitarian Support / Invasion. And other stealth operation of rescue.

By Lt'JG Blackfur ACFO of USS Tikal.

Fully approved and field tested by CMO, ACMO,CFO, ACFO of the USS Tikal

USS CAITIAN MNC-1-A1:: Auxilary Craft of USS Tikal:: Formily USS Amazon.

As you can see by the break down of the Dunabe runnabout the Cargo module can be switched out for diffrent mission specific roles. With the science module being converted into a surgical module and inserted into Cargo Module slot.

During IC Roleplay, it was developed and produced over a few missions posting on the USS Tikal and field tested. All systems checked out. Approved by Ship's CMO and CFO, Project Overseer and developer Miranda Blackfur ACFO, USS Tikal.
CWO Blackfur, Amanda = Retired
Lt.JG Blackfur, Miranda = ACFO USS Tikal
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