New HF Wiki - Important Info

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New HF Wiki - Important Info

Postby Livian » Mon Jun 25, 2012 10:07 am


With the server move, the new HF Wiki will now be used. We are hoping that this new installation will cut down on the amount of spam we were getting with the original installation. Not all of the articles from the original installation were transferred - partly because the templates for vessel pages, character pages, etc were modified.

Moving forward, we ask the following:

1. When you register for the wiki, please select a username that will help the Wiki staff identify you as a valid registrant. It is recommended that you use the name (first and last, last name, or combination thereof) of one of your main characters.

2. While the Wiki staff continue to work on adding content to the wiki, please only create/edit articles that directly relate to you and/or the simms you're on. For COs: Vessel page, Mission pages. For all: Your user page, Character pages.

Once we get those basics in and the Wiki team has some more content added, the team will relay any important info and advise users when additional content can be added.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Vice Admiral Livian at dpa[at]horizonfleet[dot]net or respond to this thread.

Thank you,

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