Looking for a Chief/Assistant Chief of Security position.

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Looking for a Chief/Assistant Chief of Security position.

Postby Gregor Plantis » Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:18 pm

Character Information:

Name: Gregor Plantis
Rank: TBD
Position: Chief/Assistant Chief of Security please.
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 26

Physical Appearance:
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 173 lbs.
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown

Physical Description:
Strong build, but not overly muscular, athletic. Hardened expression on his face makes him look serious most of the time, and this has served it's purpose, but it's not really his nature.

Personality, Traits and General Overview:
Personable once people gets to know him, it's the getting there than can take time. Rodger takes his time to get to know people, as they're responsible for his life if he serves with them, as is he for theirs, so he has to know he can trust them completely, and that can be a long process.
Loyalty is beyond doubt, he will do his utmost for the people he serves with, and is willing to go that extra mile for and with them.Strengths & WeaknessesStrengths: His loyalty to his duty to Starfleet, his ship and it's crew.

Weaknesses: A lovely smile from a lady....

Ambitions: To always do his best in his duty and for his friends and fellow crew members.
Hobbies & Interests: Likes most sports, reading, most types of music (though he still can't get used to Klingon opera)

Languages: English, some German and a little French

Father: David Plantis (deceased) served onboard the Uss Delamart as Chief of Security.
Mother: Monica Plantis (deceased) served onboard the Uss Delamart as Chief Science Officer.
Brother(s: James (Assistant Chief Helmsman, Uss Farragut)
Sister(s): Florence (Chief Science Officer onboard the Uss Milliken)
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Family: None

Brought up to respect his parents, and those adults around him, gave Gregor the perfect start in life for disciplining himself. Schooling was not easy for Gregor, but he made the best of what he had. Over time he has aquired skills on just about anything you can turn you're hand to. His way with people is very simple...they're nice and curtious to him, he is nice and curtious back. They're nasty to him...he nice and curtious back.

He refuses to be rankled by anyone who thinks they are his better. He let's them go on till they make a mistake, then steps in to help them out. Makes friends but not with ease, it takes a long time. Is never frightened to go to any of his friends with his problems and to ask for their advice. In his time with Starfleet, from his first class to his current assignment, one philosophy has always stuck with Gregor. "If something's worth doing, it's worth doing right..." He will always, always try to do it right, no matter what.

Service Record:

Security Ensign onboard Uss Frannery.

Serving as honour guard to the President of Kalakan IV upon his visit to the Uss Frannery, he helped stop an attempt on the Presidents life and was made Security squad leader (Uss Frannery).

2 tours of the Federation/Romulan exclusion zone, with a few minor fracas gave him more experience and allowed him to be promoted to Lt/jg Made Assistant Chief of Security (Uss Frannery).

Part of the away team to Porus Prime, his security team were cut off from the main away team when they got ambushed by federal guards. Gregor led the assualt on the main parliament building where he had found out the rest of the away team were being held, freed them and heped the away team escape back to the Uss Frannery.

2 further tours along the Federation/Romulan exclusion zone. Took temporary command of the Uss Frannery when Capt Dick and Commander Blinkhorn were injured in an attack by Thespar pirates. The bridge was cut off from the rest of the ship when the turbolifts were put out of action, and with Finchley being the next most Senior Officer still fit for duty, he took temporary control the bridge. In the attack, the Frannerys' bridge was breached and Gregor, along with the remaining bridge crew still alive managed to evacuate everyone out, including Capt Dick and Commander Blinkhorn. Fighting off the pirates deck by deck, he, along with the gallant crew of the USS Frannery were able to regain control of their ship and eventualy chase the last pirates ship back to it's base and before engaging it. En route to try and capture the pirate ship, Finchley called for help and enlisted the help of the Uss Ganges to breach and destroy the pirates base, capturing a number of the pirates in the process.
Test Post:

Now back in his office, Gregor sat at his desk, a schematic of the starbase in front of him. His so called 'plan B' directive from the CO was, to him, actualy the plan most likely to succeed in this mission so in his mind it should be 'Plan A', but he'd been over ruled, something he wasn't much used to he had to admit, as he never ever spoke at a staff meeting without first having thought through all that could happen, and the consequences thereof.

The blood bath that would surely follow, when they used the 'Plan A' the Captain wanted to use, would not be of his making, of that he'd be sure, but he and his department would be there to pick up the pieces instead, be ready to put back together the remnant of the mission and get it back on track, though how many of the brave young Security department personnel would die to make that happen he wasn't sure.

Standing up, he walked through to the training area where he could hear the mock shouts of attack and defence drills going on. He stood and watched the security crewman go through their paces, and he had a sad smile on his face.

"What's up Sir?" Karadis, the most senior non-com asked "you look kind of down?"

"Oh, just checking up to see how things are going, you know, getting to know faces, names, that kind of thing" Gregor replied "So that when this mission is over and I read the list of the dead from this department, it won't just be names I'll see, but I'll be able to put a face to the name."

"Sounds like you expect a lot of people not to make it" Karadis said.

"With the plan that they're about to use Karadis, it's going to be a blood bath, and our brave young security people out there will pay the price, with their lives. I tried to tell them at the meeting, I tried to warn them, but they wouldn't isten. Take a good look at the faces out there Karadis, because a great many of them won't be here for any further missions afterwards, they'll simply be the names of this ships 'honoured dead', and there's not a damned thing I can do about, except send them to their deaths as I'll be ordered to" Gregor replied.

He turned and walked away back to his office and sat back in his seat, once again starring at the schematic of the base. He may not be the one who killed his staff, but he may as well be, because he knew the minute the CO gave the order for the 'Plan A' and have it carried out, he was signing some of the crews death warrants by following that order...

Gregor Plantis
Horizon Fleet
Gregor Plantis
Horizon Fleet
Gregor Plantis
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Re: Looking for a Chief/Assistant Chief of Security position

Postby Livian » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:55 pm

The following simms have either CS/TO or ACS/TO open:

Starbase 621 - Shiro Class, Play by Forum
USS Malinche - Prometheus Class, Play by Forum
USS Perseus - Galaxy Class, Play by Email
USS Relentless - Intrepid Class, Play by Email
USS Sentinel - Sentinel Class, Play by Forum
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