Starbase 484 video

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Starbase 484 video

Postby Androski » Tue Oct 09, 2012 12:43 pm

As you can tell by reading some of my other topics in this section, I've been dabbling in 3D model work over the last couple of months. Part of that included trying my hand at animation, hoping it would lead to an entirely original video for use as advertising. Unfortunately, animating 3D images is proving far more daunting a task than I had anticipated and so for all my work on it, I've got three or four very short clips that aren't of that great of animation quality. (I have no idea how the people at Pixar don't go raving mad when making hour and a half long movies)

After completing my latest clip, taking 33 separate images for a 3.5 second clip, I decided I would just fall back to my old ways because I was really wanting to get a video made for the starbase. At any rate, the video that I've linked below has a couple of my animations (two starbase shots and the same gateway shot shown twice), as well as including parts of the Horizon Fleet Story Arc (which I hope to get to work reviving here soon), and a single clip hinting at where Starbase 484's own overarching storyline will be taking us over the course of the next two years (yes, I went super-geek as I was getting the Starbase set up and have nearly three years worth of missions planned out already).

Anyway, here's the video. Any and all comments are welcome, as they help me know what I should/shouldn't do if/when I make another video.
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