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IRC Command Help

Postby Iluvar » Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:53 am

A helpful guide to basic IRC Commands for those who may be unfamiliar with our chat system.


Register Nickname: /msg Nickserv REGISTER {Password} {Email}
Identify User: /msg Nickserv IDENTIFY {Password}
Command Help: /msg Nickserv HELP

Note: "msg Nickserv" may be abbreviated to "Nickserv" or "ns" when writing commands


Register Room: /msg Chanserv REGISTER {#Room_Name} {Room Description (Optional)}
Remove Chanserv from Room: /msg Chanserv SET {#Room_Name} GUARD OFF
Command Help: /msg Chanserv HELP

Note: "msg Chanserv" may be abbreviated to "Chanserv" or "cs" when writing commands
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