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USS Relentless Seeks Brave Crew for the Frontier!

PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:19 pm
by Reyes
USS Relentless – “We’re doing the impossible and that makes us mighty!”

We explore the unexplored! We expand the Federation! We take care of our own! And in today’s Federation, that’s practically impossible.

Join the wagon train to the stars as we explore what Lieutenant Commander Roberts has termed the Frontier, the border of Federation space and beyond!

After we get our crew, we’ll be heading for the border along the Taevon Expanse for patrol, then off on a surveillance mission, and then protecting a colony from orbital attacks and planetary raids. And who knows what we’ll encounter along the way; gravimetric distortions, unusual events tied to the Expanse, or the expansionist Yang Zutal. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

We need your skills and abilities! If you’ve got what it takes to fly into the Frontier, then the USS Relentless is where you belong! Apply for your favorite position before it’s taken. Or one that looks interesting to write for.

Some of our available positions are as follows:
• Chief Flight Control Officer – Course laid in, sir.
• Chief Engineering Officer – Well fix it again!
• Chief Security/Tactical Officer – The best weapon is the one you fire only once.
• Chief Medical Officer – You broke what?!
• Chief Counsellor – How’s that make you feel?
We also have a variety of other positions available including more Department Heads, Assistants, Enlisted and…. Well, you’ll just have to check out the manifest, now won’t you. Just click on this link,, and you will be transported to our NOVA site.

“Why? Why should I join the Relentless?”

“What makes your ship so special?”

This is an Intrepid class ship; one of the sleekest and best armed ships of her size. She’s got ablative armor, a cloaking device, thirteen phaser arrays, and four pulse-fire torpedo launchers. Just try to mess with us and see what happens. Especially with a Commanding Officer who likes to shoot first and skip the question.

We already have two crew, and they’re both humans. You can add to that today! And being out on the Frontier allows us a host of mission types. Scientific missions, exploration, rescue or evacuation operations, the standard transport of personnel and cargo, diplomatic missions, and whole lot more are all possible scenarios.

We’re waiting on you!

No doubt about it, you’ll come with us. Why, you ask. You like ships, not the destinations. What you care about are the ships, and mine's the nicest. See you on board!

Lieutenant Commander Kyle Roberts
Commanding Officer
USS Relentless NCC-75001
Horizon Fleet, TF22-A

**The USS Relentless is a NOVA based, 13+ simm.**