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HF's Longest Running Simm Looking to Fill Key Positions!

Postby Livian » Sat Nov 24, 2012 7:20 pm

Tired of joining simms that shut down within months after you join? Ready for a stable simm with experienced writers and quality posts? Want to share your ideas and be a part of creative story lines?

The USS Malinche is a Prometheus class vessel in Task Force 42 which has been operational since 2004. Half of our crew has been aboard for more than 1 year; the other half have been aboard 4 years or more! So, if you're looking for a place to call home, look no further!

We go on a variety of missions -some examples include rescuing kidnapped leaders, fighting the Borg, negotiating treaties with nonsensical Direidians, and scaring Mirror Universe ships back to their own reality. And the excitement doesn't stop there! Upcoming missions will see us playing Q's version of Survivor (who'll get voted off the island...and where will they end up?) and potentially taking on missions created by the crew!

Aside from our intriguing missions, we have a number of....unique...characters with their own quirks and issues. What do we have, you ask? Well, what about a Mirror Universe Vulcan who requests asylum and becomes our Chief Medical Officer? Our Betazoid Executive Officer is struggling to decide if she should go through with a marriage arranged by her parents before their deaths and is having trouble dealing with her friend's suicide attempt...

Currently, the top positions we need filled are.....

Chief Science Officer - How are your spatial anomaly identification skills? Do you like research and experiments (not THOSE kinds of experiments...)? Want to study the stars and nebulas and particles (oh my!)?
Chief Engineering Officer - How is your warp theory knowledge? Interested in our Multi-Vector Assault Mode (after all, how many other ships split into 3 pieces!)?!? Do you enjoy damage control?
Chief Intelligence Officer - If you like disguises, code breaking, infiltration, and information gathering, this may be for you! Are you sneaky sneaky?

We also have Assistant Chief and civilian positions as well as the lowly might not make it off the planet crew. Check out our manifest!


We're currently in the middle of a mission that takes us back to 20th century Earth a la Star Trek IV (who wants to help save some whales?); we'll work you in so you can join our somewhat eccentric, always exciting crew!

Join today before your favorite position is taken!

Captain Isabel Kersare
Commanding Officer
USS Malinche NCC-38997-A

**Note: The USS Malinche is a PBBB 18+ simm.**
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